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1.Support Multi Short Link Systems - Boot your income: You can add many short link system at the same time such as : 1ink, madpay, btc.ms, mellowads,... User will be redirect to link which they haven't viewed in last 24 hours.

2.Redirect to short link after click claim button: I heard may peoples like it so i made this. Users can choose if they want to click with short link before clicking claim button

3.Display Faucet's static - total users and lastest payout: Let peoples know that you are paying 

4.Responsive design
5.Easy to custom and understand code
6.Bitcaptcha added, you can select recaptcha or bitcaptcha
7.Support multi coins
8.Design improved

Tutorial Installation : 

  • Download the script by the link above | Server 1 Here | Server 2 Here
  • Upload it to your hosting and unzip
  • Open config.php file and fill :
  1. Database information
  2. Your faucet information: Name, Description, Url, Reward, Timer ( in second)
  3. Your recaptcha keys
  4. Your FaucetHub Api key
  5. Your Iphub api ( optional)
  6. Config your short link system:
  7. set $config_link['status'] = 'on' to turn it on
  8. you can use any short link system for this script, in their api, set type=text and url=http://yourdomain.com/link.php?k={key} , replace yourdomain.com with your home page url, do not change link.php?k={key} unless you know what are you doing.
  9. Do like this, if you need to add more link, just add more $link[6] and $link[7] .... as much as you need, user can view each link every 24hours.
  10. Add your ads banner code, replace all ' in your ads code to "
  11. If you need to change the css code, open index.php file and find it in each element.
  12. If you need help, just leave a comment here
  13. If you find some bugs, please report here
  14. This is the first verson, i didn't add ref system
  15. More features will be added in next verson

Script by CoinBox

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1 Response to "FaucetHub Script Faucet - Open Your Own Faucet"

  1. Live demo: http://cryptoearn.website
    Faucethub API
    Support 9 different types of coins
    Full support of user balances
    Countdown timer
    Pre-installed Anti-Bot Links 5.75 (custom mod of original 6.00)
    Rewards could be changed with the current cryptocurrency price
    Mobile friendly UI
    You can set Threshold for payments
    Visitor flag (know your users)
    Advertisement management (Super responsive, but don't use 728x90 banner)

    Price : 0.001 btc
    Email : militante.kim@gmail.com


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